Welcome, Summer

 Hi, friends.

I'm still behind but feeling so much better. Today? Levi and I played. We played all day long and didn't worry about dishes, laundry, or bills. We tickled and chased and read books and went swimming... Levi was especially excited after he finished his lunch and ate a soft sugar cookie with brightly colored frosting! Now we're tired enough to collapse into bed and fall asleep with smiles on our faces, our day was so fun.

Tomorrow the sun will hang high above us and it will probably reach 100 degrees once more. For dinner we'll grill burgers, slurp watermelon, and nibble at corn on the cob before another swim. It's fourth of July weekend and we're looking forward to fireworks, parades, and fruit pizza.

I think it's safe to say summer is here. If we never stop smelling like sunblock, that'll be ok with me.

That Shirt & Those Curls

Are to die for! 


Wow, I am tired... like aching bones tired. I can't believe I'm blogging.

We've been in Wisconsin for three days now and it's been BUSY BUSY BUSY. But so good. 

Levi is not taking well to all this change. He has been clinging to my legs and cries whenever I walk out of a room. It's such unusual behavior for him. I suppose an entire day of traveling + new surroundings + tons of faces could be attributing to his anxiety. 

I took this photo at target last night. (Was it last night? Yes. Seems like forever ago.) I imagine this is how Levi is feeling about life right now. 

He's just looking for one thing to focus on and I guess that thing is me. Every day he gets a little better, thank God!

Tomorrow MY little sister graduates high school. I swear I was just receiving my own diploma. I'm officially old.

Alright. If I don't get to bed soon it will be six am and I'll be even more tired.

Happy weekend, friends.