Colored Straws & A Bucket

I've got a toddler on my hands with crazy amounts of energy and a 3 minute attention span. He's over this winter stuff and being cooped up inside. OVER IT.

So I've been crafting him things. Keeping him entertained is no easy feat.

This one lasts about 5 minutes a day. I'll take it.


Levi turns 3 next month. He looks like a teenager most of the time. His little waist doesn't hold up his pants so we had to buy him a belt and cut an extra hole in it. Also, he needs a haircut real bad. I'm tempted to try the faux-hawk again. 

He is sleeping in a big boy bed now. I wasn't ready for the transition but he was. He did well the first week or two, but suddenly he's waking up 2-4 times a night. He runs into our room and whines. We walk him back to bed and that's it. He also decided he'd rather start his day at 5:30am instead of the glorious 9am we are used to. It's exhausting. The early mornings wouldn't be so bad if I was getting a solid night's rest. Such is life.

(Jen, do you recognize Blake's shoes?? Love that he's able to use them!)

Still, he's as charming as ever and has the uncanny ability to make anyone, anywhere, smile. I think that's a trait from my husband's side. Or maybe it's just a toddler thing.

Either way, I hope it never changes. 

He Rocks

Michael started a new job this week. He's happy with it, but the work is hard and the shifts are long. He is scheduled nights and we're all trying to settle in to a different routine. It's exciting and challenging. Strange to think we are in the throws of a life we could only dream of during deployments. Now it's here and we've adjusted to being civilians again.

(He's really enjoying his post-military beard. It's gotten even more unruly since then.) 

So thankful for this man and his drive to support us. Marrying him is the best choice I've made.