A Little Bit Of Levi

Before Michael left for his second tour overseas, I fretted that having a toddler would make the deployment more difficult.

Levi has made this season of my life brighter, happier, and down-right awesome.

It blows my mind that he's two. That we purchased big boy undies and a potty seat to begin training. That he can communicate and understand. That he is my partner in crime, my littlest buddy. We do everything together and honestly? I love it.

(He does, however, suffer from common side effects of turning 2 - mischief and trouble.)

Recently, he found my empty drinking glass and turned the bath tub on so he could fill it. He casually sauntered out of the bathroom, took a sip of his water, and happily sighed "ahhh" while smacking his lips.

Another time he turned on the tv to be greeted by a black screen, then ran to me with the remote as if to say, "come on mom, get with the program".

But the real kicker? The morning he pooped in the tub. I didn't notice until he was throwing turds at my head. Good times. (Which reminds me, "ewww" is his favorite word right now.)

If I eat, he hangs on me and says "beez, beez, beez!". (Please.) He calls the ceiling fan "cool" and shouts "b-ewwww!" when he wants to watch Blues Clues. His uncle Jacob is "ob" or "up" and sit is "sh!t". (I try so hard not to laugh.)

He takes his job to get a scrape or bruise every day seriously. This afternoon he fell down the stairs head first. I was making a peanut butter sandwich and heard the whole thing. It was awful. (He was scared, but ok.) An hour later he tripped and skinned his nose on the sidewalk. Guess he's accident prone like his father. (Who will deny he is to the grave.)

He knows that if he wears one of Mr. Potato Head's accessories it's bound to get a laugh. His personal favorite is the hat. He really likes hats. But he likes dancing more. If The Office theme song plays... watch out.

Our neighbor girl thinks his name is Phillippe. I have no idea why but it's hilarious. She is 5 and yesterday she and her sister played in the dirt with Levi. It was adorable. He so enjoys older kids.

It's been six months since Michael kissed Levi goodbye. We talk via webcam every few days and Levi still knows exactly who his daddy is. We are counting down the weeks until Michael comes home, and I am so relieved to say it shouldn't be long now. Levi is going to flip his lid.