Splish-Splash, I was Taking a Bath...

I have been meaning to grab some shots of Levi during bath-time... well, forever. Problem is, I'm generally in the tub with him or holding his slippery body up. One-handed camera handling near water? Yeah, I don't think so.

I jumped at the opportunity to photograph these moments earlier today. I must've forgotten to mention it, but Levi & I hopped a flight to WI for a 3 day visit with my family. Spontaneous AND fun.
(Although we're missing daddy... a lot!)

Grammy, of course, had to put nakey boy in the tub, so Mama finally got the pictures she wanted!

My favorite part of bath-time is after I wet his hair and face. His eye-lashes clump together, leaving him even MORE precious than usual! He proceeds to stare up at me with those beautiful eyes and long lashes. Oh goodness... my heart can barely handle this much sweetness!

What a splish-splashing, wrinkly-skinned, powder-smelling baby boy!