Levi's Mustache Bash

The photos are in.

I can't say how thankful I am for these images. The party went so fast that at the end I found myself throwing my hands up in the air all, "that's it? it's over? now what?"

Luckily I hired a gem to get it all on camera. Pamela is super talented and was so sweet. She even helped with cleanup. Seriously, I love her.

While you peruse take note - I'm wearing the green cardigan, my mom is in purple. Don't let her fool you.

Also, Bob (my father-in-law) has not shaved his beard since Michael left and will not until he returns. Simply because Michael asked... pretty impressive.

First! The invite :

I went to Etsy and found bnute. She has tons of cute & clever party ideas and designs her own invitations. Look her up.

Now to the goods.

Holy Tired

Levi's birthday is over. I now have a two year old.

This was my first time throwing a party. I spent the entire month browsing etsy & pinterest, and man... I had a vision.

I think (or hope) everyone who attended had a fun time. The photo booth was a big hit and Michael was present via Skype. It all ended in 2 seconds and I never did get a chance to eat. (I'm not even sure I was able to chat with each of the guests.) Hiring a photographer was the best decision of the day. She was incredible. (I can't wait to share photos with you!)

In the midst of the chaos there was one moment I was truly present in - the birthday song. I held Levi while 30 some guests sang and he was tickled pink. In those several seconds we were overwhelmed by the love and goodness of our friends and family. I could have stood there with him for 100 more rounds of it. We are so thankful.

Now, after all the cleanup and hard work is over (who am I kidding) I watch Levi play with his new potato head and helicopter and 50 other toys... and it feels good to be here with my two year old. He just might be the most loved little boy in the whole wide world.